Who Says Healthy Food Can’t Taste Good?

On the night of October 14, at the Philadelphia Central Library in the Culinary Literacy Center, the Philadelphia Food Access Collaborative hosted a Nutrition Workshop so emergency meal providers could learn how to incorporate nutritious and delicious food into their menus. At the event, the smells of fall and comfort food wafted through the kitchen, as professional nutritionist and chef, Zach Breeding, prepared and demonstrated different recipes to the meal providers.


The workshop was divided into two separate sections. The first section taught meal providers how to shop for healthy food, prepare healthy meals, and proper knife skills. The second offered the providers a chance to put their newly learned skills to practice by preparing new recipes–pan seared chicken braised in coconut curry sauce reduction and oven roasted butternut squash. The meal tasted just as good as it sounds!

Cooking With the Chef

After the food was finished cooking, it was plated and the meal providers had the opportunity to taste the fruits of their labor. All were surprised at how delicious and nutritious this meal turned out to be and are excited to incorporate it into their site’s menus.

If you are an emergency meal provider in the greater Philadelphia area, you don’t want to miss out on future workshops. There will be another set of Nutrition Workshops on November 5th and November 12th both from 6:00-8:00 pm at Face to Face located at 109 E Price St, Philadelphia, PA 19144. Register for the training by contacting Katie Dockhorn at catherine.dockhorn@phila.gov or at 267-888-6421.

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