July 2019 Roundtable: Barriers to Re-Entry — Fines, Fees and the Criminalization of Poverty

Fines and fees imposed by the criminal justice system can be a huge burden on low-income individuals and families. That was the focus of Barriers to Re-entry: Fines, Fees, and the Criminalization of Poverty, the most recent event in our Economic Mobility: Earn, Keep, Grow series. Held on July 19 and sponsored by CEO and Penn Law, the conversation featured Sharon Dietrich, an attorney at Community Legal Services; Mary Catherine Roper, the Deputy Legal Director at the ACLU of Pennsylvania; Lisa Foster and Joanna Weiss, the co-Directors of the Fines and Fees Justice Center, and Malik Bandy who talked about his own experience with these fines and fees.

To download the presentations shared at this event, follow the link below:

July 19, 2019 Roundtable Presentations