26 out of 100 Philadelphians live in poverty.

This is our plan for shared prosperity.

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Fair Wages for an Equitable Philadelphia

Close to 15,600 adults living in Philadelphia work full-time, yet live below the poverty line. At the national level, wage…MORE

What Might a $15 Minimum Wage Mean for Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is in the midst of an urban revival. In 2017, we experienced upticks in population and home sales and…MORE

OCEO issues a Request for Information (RFI) to Select a Benefits Access Center

The Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity (OCEO) seeks to identify community-based multi-service agencies with the capacity to connect low-income…MORE

CEO Seeks a Promise Corps College & Career Site Supervisor

CEO is seeking a Promise Corps College & Career Site Supervisor for program planning and implementation at two-three schools in…MORE

Wage inequality is a growing problem in Philly and around the country. Join us, @AnnePriceICCED, @PhillyMayor, and… https://t.co/0vtpGHifRt
Since 2013, we’ve worked to reduce poverty in Philly. Wage inequality is a barrier to economic mobility for many ha… https://t.co/8vjHPuah2y
For low-wage workers and those lacking a college degree, wage inequality makes it nearly impossible for them to ach… https://t.co/kqOQbggt2l

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